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Closing Contest July 8th-14th 2022


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Adam & Eve’s fate written in the stars?
God wrote a signal in the stars for you.
How Moses looked into the stars for answers.


As crazy as it sounds, in ancient Christian traditions…

God has used the stars to communicate with us.

The north star led Moses to the burning bush…

Adam & Eve in the garden of Eden…

And today a new psychic of our time has harnessed this ability to help you see your true future of prosperity.

She’s one of God’s Chosen messengers…

And today she brings you your unique code to finding wealth.

This is the moment of true divine inspiration that will lead to the biggest wealth discovery of your life…

Just like how Moses knew that the great flood was coming…

You’ll be able to be the captain of your ship… and sail towards endless prosperity.

Unravel God’s Cosmic Prophecy Now!

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a gift: Your ‘Birthday Code’ Revealed!
new ‘hidden wealth astrology’ has been uncovered!
brand new ‘prosperity astrology’ discovered!


Hey {firstname},

You have hidden powers ‘built in’ to the day you were born.

These powers are gifts from the universe… and they influence your divine destiny.

The question is…

Have you tapped into them yet? And ‘squeezed’ every last drop of potential from your powers?

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Once you unlock your hidden powers…

You’ll fulfill your divine destiny to be eternally prosperous.

That’s why I’ve created this ‘birthday code’ just for you…

That will help to unravel the mystery of within… and unleash all the talents that you never even knew you had.

Reveal Your Birthday Code Now {FIRSTNAME}!

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Nostradamus’ ‘bloodline’ psychic predicts the future?
a psychic prophet has been found
a psychic prophet has been born.


A new psychic prophet has been found!

Every 127 years… a psychic prophet is born.

And rumor has it that she’s been the one holding the ‘key to wealth’ for the rich and powerful for the past 35 years.

The Freemasons, The Illuminati… the occult groups that control the world… have all been using her powers to make themselves ridiculously wealthy.

Discover her identity here → Reveal The Mystery Now

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Your Divine ‘Wealth Psychology’ Revealed!
Hidden ‘Wealth Brains’ Growing Inside You!
Eerie ‘wealth powers’ that I’ve discovered inside you.


Hey {firstname},

There’s a hidden prosperity code that you’ve been gifted with!

And once you discover this code…

It re-wires your mind, changes your ‘brain composition’ and takes your wealth attraction powers to untold levels!

But there are more than 100,000 possible ‘prosperity code’ combinations…

each going into spooky, razor sharp detail on how you open up abundance into your life.

And we’ve just found a psychic prophet that has been reading it for Freemasons, Occult groups, and even the ultra wealthy in society.

>> Discover your unique prosperity birthcode now… and find your path to abundant wealth!

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{name}’s eerie vibration…
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Hey {name},

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{NAME}’s powerful BIRTH CODE reading >>


Hey {NAME},

Have you noticed the eerie energy shift in 2022?

This shift is of crucial importance for you today {DATE}..

I have felt and experienced it more and more powerful.

you need to see this {NAME} because it contains

crucial information about the 1 imminent event from your upcoming future….

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{firstname }your prosperity path is now OPEN!


Money is about to flood into your life.

With the prosperity path report, the destiny of fortune audio track, and the money attractor switch…

You’re going to be unstoppable.

The only problem is that you haven’t finalized your order…

And I’d hate to see you miss out on this opportunity to make thousands of dollars, every single day.

You’ll never have that feeling of nagging insecurity building up inside you– as you think to yourself…

“Is this possible? Could I do this? Will this work for me?”

These thoughts only come into your mind, when you’re struggling on the wrong path to riches.

Once you’ve discovered that the universe has already created a path for you…

You’ll realize that prosperity and abundance is YOUR birthright!

And you’ll develop a magnetic polarity that’s tuned to the frequency of money… and this new signal that you emit into the universe…

Will draw only the best, most profitable opportunities in your life.

Opportunities that are perfectly aligned with the values,


and talents that the universe has given you as your birthday ‘gift’.

You’ll have so many opportunities that you’ll be spoilt for choice…

And you’ll even have to say NO to the gifts that you receive… because you’ll have more than enough!

It’s time for you to open up your prosperity birthcode reading…

Look into what the future holds for you… and use the gifts that the universe has given you!


Don’t stray off your prosperity path


Everyone has their own journey in life.

And trying to ‘copy’ someone else’s path to success… can only lead to failure and struggle.

If you’re a libra– it would mean that you do well in social situations, and that you’ll thrive in group settings.

People will naturally be drawn to you,

Your charm, your charisma, your wit…

But if you’re not a libra.. and you try to act like one…

Every day will simply be a struggle.

It will be filled with hardship, you’ll feel out of place.

You’ll feel stuck in a dead end, banging your head against the wall with no progress in your life to show.

But once you recognise your unique path to prosperity– your path to an effortless financial windfall…

You’ll become a money magnet– a beacon of wealth.

Opportunity will come pouring into your life at every corner that you look…

Others will pay you thousands, if not tens of thousands of dollars…

Simply because your prosperity path will reveal…

  • The hidden money making talents that the universe has given you…
  • The strengths that you’ve ignored your whole life– thinking that these were ‘weaknesses’
  • And you’ll be happy to do the work that you’ve been destined to do without hesitation or procrastination.

You’ll be able to afford that new car for yourself… that new home, go on all the vacations that you’ve dreamed of… and live the abundant life that you only thought existed in ‘fairytales’…

Because I’m here to tell you that it’s possible for you…

Once you begin walking down your prosperity path.

>> Achieve a lifetime of wealth and riches and walk down your path of prosperity.


God Created A Prosperity Path Just For You



I love you.

And I know how hard it’s been to go through life struggling with your finances.

Struggling with finding out what you’re meant to do in this life…

Wondering why your peers are getting ahead, when you’re stuck in a ‘hamster wheel’, running as fast as you can, losing your breath…

Feeling exhausted that you’ve never found your breakthrough in life…

And all this ‘struggle’ means is that you haven’t found what you were made to do.

You see, I’ve created a path to wealth and riches that’s named after you.

It’s %FIRSTNAME%’s prosperity birthcode.

This path is one that’s filled with joy…



And every step that you take on this prosperity path is effortless.

It’s like walking down a beautiful garden, you can smell the roses, relax, and breathe in the fresh air.

It will feel as though you were meant to do this.

You were meant to make money– and to thrive, no matter what happens in the world, you’re protected, loved, and simply ‘set for life’.

I beg you to stop worrying about your finances, because it hurts me to see you struggle.

Begin this journey with me– hold my hand, and walk down your path of prosperity today.

>> Walk down your path of prosperity. I’ll hold your hand every step of the way.


‘unfold’ your birthcode reading today…

{NAME} ‘unravel’ the mystery of your Birth Code

‘decode’ the mystery of your Birth


There’s no ‘one sized fits all’ approach to getting wealthy in life.

Every soul has their own unique path to prosperity… a special ‘journey’ in life that one must take.

If you’ve been struggling– especially in these trying times, you MUST discover what your unique path to wealth is.

This path will be bright, clear– and breathtakingly luxurious, because it’s the one the universe created just for you.

Discover what your ‘wealth path’ is here:

>> Begin Walking Down Your Path To Prosperity


your spooky ‘final destination’ in life.
your final destination arriving in 27 days, and 3 hours.
your ‘end of poverty’ is coming in 27 days, and 3 hours.


Your final destination is coming.

This is the end of your ‘season of poverty’.

Judgement and reckoning is coming for those who’ve been ‘comfortable’ at the top.

There’s a great wealth reset that’s about to happen.

You need to rise up NOW… and claim your birthright to wealth.

This is your time… the time that wealth finally flows into your life, without you having to ask, beg… or worry about it.

>> Claim your birthright to divine wealth and prosperity


‘cursed fate’ leads to untold riches?
your fate has been sealed shut– stop it before it’s too late.
‘death sentence’ that leads to financial breakthrough?


The recession is here.

Gas prices are rising.

But you won’t suffer like the rest.

That’s because I’ve predicted that in this moment of crisis… you’ll have your moment of opportunity.

One that leads you to victory…

And a torrential windfall of wealth.

It’ll feel as if you’ve almost struck the lottery, once you’ve realized how lucky you are to be in this recession…

Because in this special reading I show your ‘once in a lifetime’ ticket to pure financial abundance.

And you’ll discover how you can weather any storm… predict any financial disaster… and find your unique way to attracting wealth in life.

>> Access this ‘once in a lifetime’ ticket to wealth now.


‘X’-marks the spot for untold riches.
INSIDE: your financial compass
the map to ‘buried treasure’ in your personality.


Discover the buried treasure in your life!

If you’re looking for the city of gold– the kingdom that’s filled with endless opportunity…

Endless riches and wealth as far as the eye can see…

You need not look far.

You need only look within.

Because hidden within you– lie the secrets to the biggest financial breakthrough that you’re looking for in your life.

Hidden within you– lies the secrets of the universe that make wealth attraction completely effortless.

To discover the ‘land of gold’ that’s trapped inside you…

SImply use this free wealth map that shows your unique prosperity code.

>>Discover Your Prosperity Birthcode Now.


eastern ‘wealth calendar’ reveals when you’ll get rich.
‘wealth calendar’ charts your day of prosperity.
Your ‘day of prosperity’ revealed with wealth calendar.


Hey {NAME}

A big ‘wealth event’ is coming your way.

It’s the perfect storm that’s brewing…

It’ll wipe away all the debt that you ever have… the financial burdens and stresses that you’re carrying on your shoulders…

This day, might look like any other day…

But it’s called your ‘day of prosperity’ – or as others may call it your day of reckoning.

Because this is the day that you claim your birthright to wealth.

This is the day that you realize that you have a destiny to prosperity.

I’ve created a special reading that shows you exactly what this ‘day’ will look like for you.

Click here… and open up your calendar of wealth now.

This uses your unique ‘birthcode’ that creates a highly personalized and intimate description of what your day of wealth will look like.

>> Use your free Prosperity Birthcode Reading to uncover your ‘day of wealth’ NOW.

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DEMOGRAPHICS: 18-24 years old= 3%

25-34 years old= 5%

45-54 years old= 17%

55-64 years old= 29%

65+ = 29%


LOCATION=United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand



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